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The Incredible True Story of How I Healed Myself From Debilitating & Life-Threatening Illnesses When Physicians Failed & The Food Industry Lied

CONTAINS DAWN'S ACTUAL MEDICAL RECORDS & PARAMEDIC REPORTS! DYING TO BE HEALTHY is the fascinating and very personal true story of how Actress, Author, Model and Former Beauty Queen, Dawn Martin, healed herself from debilitating and excruciatingly painful attacks that left her near death and unresponsive to paramedics. After over 10 years of being "under Physicians care", but still saddled with a multitude of major and debilitating health problems brought on by eating the SAD (Standard American Diet), tired of suffering, with no medical background, Dawn decided to take her health in her own hands. In doing so, she completely healed herself in 3 months. Dawn effortlessly lost 40 pounds in her remarkable health transformation, and went from a tight size 12 to a size 4! Dawn's miraculous health transformation was achieved without surgery, drugs, special diet, pills, supplements, prepared meals, gym memberships, weight loss programs or doctors! DYING TO BE HEALTHY tells how Dawn made the impossible, possible, and how she not only regained her health, improved the quality of her life, but like magic, got her beauty back!

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Dying To Be Healthy

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