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"When I share your book with girls they LIGHT-UP and start reading it right away. Fast Girls Finish Last is really GOOD and I ENJOYED it. You give GOOD advice to girls."

- Nicole Little, Social Worker, Ecorse High 

"I cannot believe this book is not a best seller in its topic. It took me quite a while to find a book that wasn't all about religion--but about what real girls face in high school. My daughter liked the book a lot; it made her think about the issue in the context of her reputation and also her future.

This is a book that speaks to girls who are at the top of their class academically, all the way to those towards the bottom that need a bit of inspiration. Ms. Martin writes in a very accessible, fun, & open manner, which is perfect for teens. I feel this is the only book written in this manner...thank you, Dawn Martin!!!   -Gina, United States

"You are indeed an example for young women.  I applaud you tremendously and hope to be like you. I would very much like to meet you one day.  I have a millin questions for you in hopes that your example may help me to become better as well."

         - Rosia Holmes, San Diego, CA

"Fast Girls Finish Last is a GREAT book. I really like it because it's a workbook too."

        -Kam Carman, TV News Anchor, 

         WJBK, Fox 2 News Detroit

"A Frank book that offers NO HOLDS BARRED advice for teen girls."

                    - The Los Angeles Times

"I LOVE that this book exists.

Should be on the shelves of parents, aunts and maybe even counselors."

                           - D. Durant, United States

"Fast Girls Finish Last has a lot of GOOD tips in it!"

         - Renee Kohn, TV News Anchor

          Fox 6 News, San Diego, CA

"I became so fascinated with Dawn Martin.     I like her courage and insight."

         - S. Kwao-Nelson, Aurora, CO

"In a World that easily accepts the profane as common place and equates emotions to the lowest common denominator, it is colossal to find that a real LADY like you still exist. The differential you made between sex and love is more than intuitive on your was inspiring!"

 - Bobby Locke, San Antonio, TX

"I just LOVE Fast Girls Finish Last! I could not put it down!"

 - Mrs. Alexander, Age 72, Los Angeles, CA

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"I just LOVE Fast Girls Finish Last! I could not put it down!"

 - Mrs. Alexander, Age 72, Los Angeles, CA


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