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"Thank you for sharing your EXPERTISE on our show." - Oprah Winfrey

“Dawn Martin...WOW!” - Phil Donahue

“She's Gorgeous!” - Montel Williams

"Dawn literally received boxes of mail!" - Geraldo Rivera

Featured Guest On 

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And More!

"What I love most about playing piano is REMIXING my favorite songs!"

                                   - Dawn Martin

DAWN MARTIN is a Multi-Talented Pianist/Singer, Model, Accomplished Author, and former SAG/AFTRA Actress with Stunning Star-Quality beauty and talent that will surely captivate any audience! Dawn is 5'9" tall with Natural Beauty, as she has never had plastic surgery, botox, etc., and does not wear anything false such as hair, nails, body parts, etc. Dawn has been an Organic Vegan 22 (twenty-two) years.

Dawn says "Music has always very much moved me. I was born & raised in Detroit, Michigan. When I was 13 years of age, I had every record Marvin Gaye ever made. I did not know what a 'Concert' was, all I knew was that Marvin Gaye was going to be at Cobo Hall in Downtown Detroit. I did not care about getting in trouble with my very strict Mother, so I snuck out the house, and a guy that had a crush on me in High School drove me to see Marvin Gaye. When we arrived at Cobo Hall I excused myself, and somehow made it to the front row, at which time Marvin Gaye HELD MY HAND and sang   a part of "Distant Lover" to me! It’s a moment in time I will always cherish."

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Dawn Martin

Early Life & Career

Dawn is a former repeat Spelling Bee Champion. After having attended Catholic school since the 1st grade, Dawn pleaded with her Mother to allow her to attend public school, wherein she was promoted from the 7th to 9th grade. Dawn left Detroit immediately after graduating High School and moved to California at the tender age of 18, never returning to Michigan to live again. Dawn's career started when her poise and confidence won her the title of "Michigan's Model of The Year", a Finalist in the "Miss Teen USA Pageant" and Winner of "Miss San Francisco", the Preliminary Pageant to Miss America.

At age 19, Dawn earned an Associate of Arts Degree from West Los Angeles College. Dawn continued her education, and at 22 years of age, earned a Bachelors degree in Journalism from California State University Dominguez Hills, then later attended Law School at the University of Southern California for one year then dropped­ out. Dawn says "For several reasons, dropping out of Law School was one of the best decisions I've ever made!"

As a Lead Singer, Dawn toured New Mexico in the Band “Asian Eyes”, entertained our troops at Military Bases in California, and was booked on the TV Series "Eerie, Indiana" as a Lead Singer. Dawn is a member of SAG/AFTRA and was a Recurring Regular on "Days of Our Lives".


Dawn also appeared in several national TV commercials and worked as both a print & runway Model in the USA and Europe. Dawn appeared as a Special Guest on OPRAH, Donahue, Cristina, Montel Williams, Geraldo (two shows), Leeza, Jenny Jones, The British TV Network and more! Dawn has been featured nationwide in newspapers and magazines.

Dawn is an accomplished Author and toured, with her highly 5 Star Rating book "Fast Girls Finish Last", A Girl's Guide to Becoming a Virgin With Attitude!"

Dawn enjoys practicing piano, Concerts, Theater, and reading U.S. Supreme and Appellate Court Opinions, preferably with blistering dissent. Dawn has successfully argued before the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where she OVERTURNED a Federal Judge's Order. In the appellate case, Dawn solely litigated against a large California Law Firm and duly appointed United States Attorney and received a FAVORABLE PUBLISHED Opinion. Dawn says "It's enamoring to read Appellate Tribunal Opinions and legal briefs wherein attorneys cite my name and case that set precedence."

Dawn is a philanthropist that has made considerable donations to both "Opportunity Village", which supports the needs of disabled people, and "St. Judes Ranch For Children", which provides needs to abused and neglected children.

Music Experience & Education

Lead Vocalist - Eerie, Indiana TV Series ($100,000 Star Search Winner was Dawn's back-up singer)

Lead Vocalist - "Asian Eyes Band" Gallup, New Mexico

Lead Vocalist - Toured California Military Bases

Songs Co-­Written & Co-Arranged by Dawn Martin

"Each Day"

"Fast Girls Finish Last"

R&B, Soul, Pop, Covers, Standards

Alicia Keys, Kandace Springs & Vanessa Williams

Erroll Garner

Who's on Dawn's Playlist?

Marvin Gaye, Teena Marie,

Earth Wind & Fire, Doja Cat,

Anita Baker, The Dramatics

Yamaha MOX F8, Fender PA,

Wind Chimes, Roland ProX Mixer, Shure 58 Mic, MAONO Professional Cardioid Condenser Studio Recording Mic, Boom &

Universal Mic Stands, XLR Cables




Roman Susanin Knorozok

Dec. 2023 - Present

Repertoire, Runs, Riffs, Piano Chords and Progressions, Sustain Pedal

Arthur Bird - Association of Board of Royal Schools of Music

Nov. 2023 - Jan. 2024

Riffs, Runs and Embellishments.    Piano Improvisation, Melodic Free Rhythm, Alternating Rhythms,

3rd & 6th Harmonies.

M. Manuel - June 2023 - Present

Repertoire Crafting, Mastering the Sustain Pedal, Exploring Piano Chords and Progressions.

David Bennet - March 2023 - Present

Grace & Resolution Notes, Arpeggiated Runs, Pedal Point Chords, Semi-Tone Chords, Chord Progression, Whole & Half Note Glissandos.

L. Witt - March 2023 - Present

Piano for Singers, Transposing, Voicing & Modulating Chords, Sus Chords, Arpeggiated Cross-Overs.


Svetozar Čanić: Aug 2021 – March 2023
Inversions, Repertoire, Major & Minor Pentatonic & Chromatic Scales, Chords, R&B & Jazz 7th & 9th Chords, Chord Progressions, Riffs, Runs, Fills, Major & Minor Triads. Improvisational Piano

Karen Ramirez: Jan 2020 – Aug 2020
Arpeggios, Ear Training, Circle of Fifths, Major, Minor, Flat & Sharp Chords

Dr. T. Jeffrey: Instructor, CA; 2016 – 2018
Music Theory, Technique, Piano Fundamentals, Interpretation of Standard Sheet Music Notation & Chord Sheets

Various Instructors: Feb 2014 – Aug 2016
Music Theory, Arpeggios, Syncopated Rhythm, Rhythm Fundamentals, Repertoire, Classical Music I, Technical Etudes, Ear Training, Lead Sheet Sight Reading, Notation, Intonation, Chords I­IV, Chord Progressions, Chord Styling, Intervals, Scales & Triads


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